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B for Becoming

Looking at my story and where I am today, you could think that I always knew what I wanted. You could believe that it was clear to me that dance was the answer to everything, which is why I still dance today.

But the reality is far from that.

I have stopped dancing twice in my career. I have pivoted countless times, starting by going to college for psychology (in France, it’s where people who don’t know what to do next pick), even if it lasted only for a semester. I’ve explored various areas such food industry, fitness, content creatatin to find what could make my heart beat and fill my stomach with butterflies. My point is that I have continuously questioned and redirected my path because I needed space from dance. My relationship with dance was too toxic and tied to much pain, but it always returned to me. It was my kryptonite.

Even if it brought an extrem amount of pain, I couldn’t do without it.

When I was in alignment with my dancing, the joy it brought me was unparalleled. That’s when I realized that I needed to change my approach. And when I discovered that there was another way, everything changed.

You might ask me, OK, this sounds cool, but it all started with “B” for “Becoming”. As a professional dancer for almost a decade now, I also coach and support young dancers in managing their training and career so they don’t experience the struggles I faced. It will take time for you to get where you want to because you need to allow yourself to become the person you can become. You need to allow yourself to evolve into a new version of yourself. Not the one you imagine, a stronger, even bigger version that you haven’t imagined yet!

Dancers tend to freak out, asking themselves if they will become who they want, dance in the perfect company, and have the body they want. My answer is yes; if you want it and are patient enough with yourself, you will become this person. But you must let yourself transform and accept the in-between that might look nothing like the final destination. You need to let life change you, you need to be curious, and more than anything, you need to find the bigger picture/purpose of all of this. And it doesn’t have to be painful to be valid (wait for the letter “P” for “Pain”).

So here’s to becoming the star you were meant to be, embracing the change that can happen in your life and letting yourself be surprised by the role you didn’t know you were cast for millions of years before reading this post.

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