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C for Change

For this week’s letter, I’ve hesitated a lot between “Change” and “Confort Zone.” Because I believe they both go together, I decided to go with “change.” Change is happening constantly around us, especially in our fast-paced society. Ironically, we feel uneasy with change and oftent try to avoid it at all costs, fearing the unknown.

But change is our salvation. For our dreams to come true and expand beyond what we see for ourselves, we need to get out of our comfort zone to challenge ourselves and often change.

As a coach, a lot of my work revolves around helping clients create recurring behaviors that, repeated enough, become habitual. This first step will come with a change at first. Following that time of change, the body and person will adapt, and life will do its magic sooner than you think, have a positive effect you. But once some time has past and because life isn’t linear, this new version of yourself that you created might not work anymore with your day-to-day life, and while you hold on with all that you have to the new habit you developed, it might be doing more arm thant good to hold on to this version of yourself, who is once again, afraid of change.

But, adaptability is one of the biggest strengths humans have. This is how you get stronger (your muscles, after exercise, have to adapt to the stress you place on them to get stronger).

Why aren’t we ready to listen to our cycles and to go with them, allowing each new interaction and decision to be the fertile ground to a new tomorrow?

Allowing ourselves to be present in each version of ourselves, thanking the older version of us for having led us where we are, cherishing the present one for the uniqueness of the experiences we are living, and cheering on to our future one for all the amazingness that it to come.

So welcome change, each day, everyday.

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