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Virtual coaching 

• Personalized training program

• Option for nutrition coaching

• Weekly and monthly check-ins

• Free resources

• Direct support

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Having the support and 1-on-1 attention fro a coach has never been so accessible.

Flip the script and become your best ally, take care of yourself the same way you take care of others and see your life change. Creating discipline while being flexible and not missing on life’s pleasure doesn’t have to feel impossible. 

Feeling confident in your body takes practice, patience and surrender. I can help you create a deeper mind/body connection so you can move better, feel present in your body and reach any goals you have while having fun on the side. Time is in your hands, it’s about how you decide to use this time. 

Move better at any age, no matter your background, there is no better time then now.

See yourself becoming stronger, more energized in and alignment with your values!

  • Personal training

  • Balance, mobility and posture training 

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Pre & postnatal 

  • Body conditioning for dancer

  • Body recomposition 

With 1-on-1 coaching, the work will be tailored to your needs, fitness experience and objectifs. 

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Self empowerment

As a professional dancer and fitness trainer, my passion and goal is to give you the tools to understand and reconnect with your body—to love it as you discover your unknown abilities and the power within your instrument, your body . 

I want you to embrace your potential. I’m here to help bring to light your own strength and push you beyond your limits in a gentle yet challenging and healthy way. It is not how good you are now but how good you are going to be that matters. 

No fireworks or frills, the consistency and awareness gained through our workouts or nutrition courses will become a lifestyle. It’s about the process and learning of lifetime skills that you can then carry into your everyday life.

You know best what is good for you, what your body needs. That's why you come to me—to help you unlock that potential.​

I am more than just a personal trainer or group fitness instructor. I will be a partner on your journey. Whether you’re looking for a personal trainer to meet your personal goals, an online group class to become part of a community, whether you're a beginner or experienced, you will find what you need with Move Better LLC to keep your body and spirit up! Let's get started today!

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My name is Manon and I’m originally from France.

After deciding to pursue a dance career, I traveled around the world as I trained in different schools from the Royal Ballet School of Antwerpen and the Boston Ballet School to The Alvin Ailey School in New York City. 

My heart made me settle in the Big Apple where I’m now performing, freelancing and living for my passions. 

From performing in several companies to teaching dance and fitness, my life revolves around people, stories, and exchange. Movement, knowledge, care, and love are the key words that made me want to be a fitness trainer. 

As a NASM certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and corrective exercise specialist, I want to propose a fitness journey adapted to your body and needs, not a one-size-fits-all program that puts your wants and needs second. 

Sharing with you what I've learned through years of training and practice to allow you to feel grounded in your life.

I want you to experience the satisfaction and enlightenment of personal growth as you start focusing and loving the unknown abilities of your body.

You can do it to!

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5 mins workout

5 mins workout
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You can get there too!

« I have been working with Manon for about a year and a half now. She is so special and unique I wouldn't ever think of ever going back to a traditional "gym" trainer. We have worked on my body from the inside out, and I feel and look better at 52 than I ever did in my thirties or forties. By inside out I mean Manon focused on strength and mobility. I could not roll my neck without neck and shoulder pain and tension before. I could not stand for long periods of time without my back getting really tired. My posture was terrible, and a plank and pushup and deep squat done right were out of the question. I knew what I wanted and that was to feel lean, strong, flexible and stand with elegance. My body is toned and I fit into my clothes much better. I feel better proportioned. »

Victoria, NY, Creative Director

Victoria - Creative Director

Andy, Dancer &trainer, NY

“For the first time in a long time, I have held myself accountable for small changes that made dramatic shifts in my everyday in such short time. I enjoyed reading Manon’s motivational quotes every week."

Andrea, Lawyer, MA

Manon is a fabulous teacher! Every class has new movements which she tailors to the skill, experience, challenge level and limitations of her students. She pays great deals of attention on technique and provides excellent visual and verbal cues."

Michael, Dancer, NY

My favorite thing about the coaching was the 1-on-1 training session. I really enjoyed having the time to have someone with as much knowledge and experience as Manon, look at my body and help me out with things that I've noticed and have struggled with."


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